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Pumice Stone Exporter Batu Apung

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Lombok Pumice Stone Mining Indonesia

Pumice stone is a very light weight, porous and abrasive material and it has been used for centuries in the construction and beauty industry as well as in early medicine.

Pumice stone is also used as an abrasive, especially in polishes, pencil erasers, and the production of stone-washed jeans.

Pumice Stone Supplier From Indonesia

Pumice For Horticulture

Pumice Stone For Agricultural

Pumice stone is an extraordinary substance that can be utilized for all sort of plants. Pumice stone can ingest water or compost for extensive stretch. This can keep your plant to be in appropriate dampness condition without watering routinely.

Pumice stone has longer life contrasting with other sort of farming substances. You can utilize pumice stone to supplant soil when planting. This will assist with diminishing bugs and pesticides. Pumice stone likewise has a ton of minerals that could assist your plant with becoming prettier and better.

Pumice Stone For Laundry industrial

Pumice stone is a climate cordial material for Denim wash or material wash. When washing with pumice stone, It can make an nice pattern on denim.

Pumice Stone For Construction

Lombok Pumice Stone Exporter Whatsapp : +6287865026222

Pumice stone is generally used to make lightweight concrete and insulative low-thickness soot blocks. The air filled vesicles in this permeable stone fills in as a decent encasing.

A fine-grained variant of pumice stone called pozzolan is utilized as an added substance in concrete and is blended in with lime to shape a light-weight, smooth, mortar like cement.