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Benefits of Agarwood Tree

The benefits of the agarwood tree are rarely known to many people. The agarwood tree is one of the natural forest resources which is known to have a value of hundreds of millions of dollar. Please note, that this agarwood is included in the essential oil group.

Its distinctive smell makes agarwood used as raw material for making cosmetics, incense, preservatives for various accessories to the perfume industry. Increasingly developing technology has even made several countries such as Korea, Singapore, China, Japan and the United States develop this wood as a medicine for kidney disorders, asthma, stomach aches, stress relievers, antibiotics for tuberculosis to hepatitis.

This aloe wood actually also stores a lot of benefits for the health of the human body. Now for those of you who want to know what are the benefits of the agarwood tree, We will present the information for you. The following are the benefits of the agarwood tree which have been summarized from various sources.

Have High Economic Value

The first benefit of gaharu tree is that it can be viewed from an economic point of view. Having a thick and odorous characteristic, the agarwood tree is widely used in various fields. Not only as an air freshener, this aloe tree is also useful as a raw material for the cosmetic industry.

This has been implemented in various countries ranging from China, Japan and America. Not only that, its very strong texture and unique trunk shape make agarwood trees often used as a variety of handicrafts. So do not be surprised if this rare wood has such fantastic economic value. In fact, you need to know, good quality agarwood trees can be priced at tens of millions per kilo.

Considered Wood from Heaven
Not only that, this gaharus wood also has tremendous benefits if it is processed properly and appropriately. Even some countries that have previously been mentioned also make gaharus wood as an antibiotic for chronic tuberculosis disease.

All Parts Can Be Used
It should be noted that it is not only the resin and sap from the agarwood tree that can be used, even as a whole this tree can be beneficial. Starting from the stems, resins to the leaves have their respective properties and benefits.

Improve Digestive System
Another benefit that can be learned from the gaharu tree is that it can improve your digestive system. It is believed that various types of digestive disorders will subside and heal when treated with aloes.

Gaharu wood has the benefit of being able to overcome stomach problems, ranging from colds, constipation, bloating or even diarrhea. You can use the agarwood tree that has been processed into essential oil to get this benefit.

Prevent Tumor Disease
The next benefit of the agarwood tree is that it is able to treat severe diseases or even chronic. Yes, processed from the agarwood tree is believed to be able to prevent tumors that are classified as serious diseases.

This is because gaharu wood contains flavonoids which are very useful in protecting the quality and health of your body cells.

Lower Blood Pressure
Not only can it be used as essential oil, but it is believed that aloes can be used to treat health problems. One of them is by lowering blood pressure. It will work by removing blockages that occur in blood vessels.

To get these benefits, you only need to brew aloes wood chips. Then you can drink the steeping water regularly in order to get maximum results.

So, those are some of the benefits that can be learned from the agarwood tree. So not only does it have economic value and high selling value, but this agarwood has various benefits for the health of the human body. Hopefully this information can increase your knowledge about the benefits of the agarwood tree.