沉香木Chen Xiang Kambodi Oud Gaharu Agarwood Wholesale – 沉香木出售– 沉香批发 – whatsapp wechat +62-87-832-732-999 wechat: exportercompany العود

Our company are 沉香木Chen Xiang Kambodi Oud Gaharu Agarwood Wholesale – 沉香木出售– 沉香批发 – whatsapp wechat +62-87-832-732-999 wechat: exportercompany العود

沉香木Chen Xiang Kambodi Oud Gaharu Agarwood Wholesale – 沉香木出售– 沉香批发 – whatsapp wechat +62-87-832-732-999 wechat: exportercompany العود

沉香木Chen Xiang Kambodi Oud Gaharu Agarwood Wholesale – 沉香木出售– 沉香批发 – whatsapp wechat +62-87-832-732-999 wechat: exportercompany العود

High Quality Chen Xiang Agarwood

Incense for religious ceremonies, perfume for the Arabic world, medicinal wine in Korea and ornamental functions in China. As a healthy tree the Aquilaria is worth next to nothing, but wounded its defence mechanisms produce agarwood and the tree becomes a valuable commodity. Historically, agarwood has been used for medicinal, aromatic and religious purposes and societies.

用于宗教仪式的香精,用于阿拉伯世界的香水,在韩国的药用酒和在中国的装饰功能。 沉香作为一棵健康的树木几乎一文不值,但是它的防御机制受伤就会产生沉香,这棵树便成为了一种有价值的商品。 从历史上看,沉香一直用于医药,芳香和宗教目的及社会。

Agarwood is the heartwood produced by a number of Aquilaria species in Southeast Asia, with Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Papua New Guinea as the main producing countries and Singapore being the main trade centre. The resin-impregnated heartwood is fragrant and, as a result, highly valuable.

沉香是东南亚许多沉香树种的心材,印度尼西亚,马来西亚,越南,柬埔寨,泰国,老挝和巴布亚新几内亚为主要生产国,新加坡为主要贸易中心。 树脂浸渍的心材很香,因此具有很高的价值。

This resin is produced as a result of pathological or wounding processes. It is also thought that resin production is a response to fungal infection. Interestingly however, not all Aquilaria trees produce resin and it is extremely difficult (or even impossible) to judge from the outside of a tree whether or not it is infected. Cutting the tree is the only way to find out whether the tree contains the resin.

该树脂是由于病理或伤口过程而产生的。 还认为树脂的产生是对真菌感染的反应。 然而,有趣的是,并非所有沉香树都产生树脂,并且从树的外部判断树是否被感染极其困难(甚至不可能)。 砍伐树木是找出树木是否包含树脂的唯一方法。

Agarwood, aloeswood, eaglewood and gaharu are all names for the resinous, fragrant and highly valuable heartwood produced primarily by Aquilaria species, in the family Thymelaeaceae. Trade in agarwood has been recorded for over 2000 years, with primary markets in the Middle East and East Asia being supplied from sources ranging from the north-east of the Indian sub- continent through continental South-east Asia and the Indo-Malesian archipelago (Hou, 1960).
The Egyptians believed have used agarwood incense as part of their death rituals more than 3,000 years.

沉香木,沉香木,沉香木和gaharu都是Thymelaeaceae科中主要由沉香树种生产的树脂质,香气和极有价值的心材的名称。 沉香木贸易已有2000多年的历史记录,中东和东亚的主要市场的货源来自印度次大陆的东北部,东南亚的大陆以及印度-马累群岛( 侯(1960)。

Traditional Usages of Agarwood


Agarwood’s use as a medicinal product and Its use as a perfume. These and other uses continue today traditional East Asian medical practices. Both agarwood oil and incense are used for their fragrant properties, notably in the Middle Easts, while a incense in Japan. Agarwood may also be carved into sculptures, beads and boxes, these sometime roximately the eighth century, and in the Ayurvedic today. Agarwood is used in Ayurvedic, Tibetan and Middle Eastern.

沉香木作为药物的用途及其作为香水的用途。 今天,这些和其他用途继续沿用了传统的东亚医疗惯例。 沉香油和香都用于香气,特别是在中东,而在日本则是香。 沉香也可以雕刻到雕塑,珠子和盒子中,有时大约在八世纪,而在今天的阿育吠陀中。 沉香用于阿育吠陀,藏族和中东。

Wild Agarwood: In the past most agarwood has been harvested from the wild. Because it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, most of the Aquilaria trees are chopped down indiscriminately. High quality agarwood can fetch as much as US$1000 per kilo. Thro frontier of agarwood exploitation across Asia as traders, continuously search for untouched forests containing Aquilaria trees (Barden and as a result, the news about agarwood harvesting spread like „gold fever‟.

Large sums of money and all kinds of luxury items with the traditional producers of agarwood. Usually this fever‟ was temporary. Once the largest trees were cut, new harvesting expedition of gold, the collecting of small quantities of agarwood became a less rewarding activity.

野生沉香:过去大多数沉香是从野外采伐的。 因为非常困难,甚至不是不可能,所以大多数沉香树都被滥砍滥伐。 优质沉香木每公斤可以卖到1000美元。 沉香木作为贸易商在整个亚洲地区处于前沿地位,他们不断寻找未开发的包含沉香树的森林(巴登,结果,沉香木收获的消息像“金热”一样传播开来。

传统沉香木生产商的巨额资金和各种奢侈品。 通常这种发烧是暂时的。 一旦最大的树木被砍伐,新的采伐黄金活动,少量沉香木的收集就变得不那么有意义了。

Agarwood’s Market 沉香市场

By the early 1990s, the aquilaria tree had been harvested to near extinction in Southeast Asia and was classified as an endangered species and placed on the Convention for International Trade in Endangered Species (CITIES) list making it illegal to harvest or trade the commodity without a CITIES permit. So a drive began to replace the trees in the natural forest driven by private sector investment in commercial sustainable plantations.

At present only 35% of the global demand is being met by the agarwood producing countries (Forest Research Institute of Malaysia). Oudh is considered a luxury but a necessary fragrance in the Middle East and is burned as a mark of respect and hospitality and is a traditional gesture of welcoming and honouring guests. In Japan agarwood and oud oil is donated to Shinto Buddhist temples, and it is also widely used in China and India by faith healers. In Taiwan it is used as an aromatic ingredient for local wines.


目前,沉香木生产国(马来西亚森林研究所)只能满足全球需求的35%。 Oudh在中东被认为是一种奢侈但必不可少的香水,被烧成一种尊重和好客的标记,是一种热情欢迎和尊敬客人的传统姿态。在日本,沉香和乌德油被捐赠给神道教的佛教寺庙,信奉治疗者在中国和印度也广泛使用沉香。在台湾,它被用作当地葡萄酒的芳香成分。

In the West, Oudh has been used by many perfumery houses over the past 25 years and has recently enjoyed a surge in popularity as Western brands seek to expand into emerging Asian markets. To name but a few big name brands to have used oud over the years include, Calvin Klein Obsession (1987), Nina Ricci (1995), Yves Saint Laurent (2002), Tom Ford Oudh Wood (2007), Juicy Couture (2008), Dior Fahrenheit Absolute (2009).

Agarwood can only be traded if it carries a CITIES permit confirming that it is from a “sustainable source”. However unfortunately, much agarwood is still traded across borders illegally (smuggled). This illegal trade actually drives prices higher since smugglers expect high margins in return for the risks they take.

在西方国家,过去25年以来,Oudh已被许多香水厂使用,近来随着西方品牌寻求向新兴的亚洲市场扩张,其知名度也在激增。仅举几个例子,多年来使用过的一些知名品牌包括:Calvin Klein Obsession(1987),Nina Ricci(1995),Yves Saint Laurent(2002),Tom Ford Oudh Wood(2007),Juicy Couture(2008) ,Dior Fahrenheit Absolute(2009)。


There are around 80 countries that import agarwood annually but the biggest importers of the commodity are the UAE, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Taiwan with the largest exporters being Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. The value of agarwood exported from Singapore alone has been estimated to exceed $1.2 bans per annum (United Nations FAO).

To see whether a tree contains agarwood or not. In the history there has been an ever-moving are dental. 2000). Trees were fetching high prices were offered to the forest dwelling communities, became less successful and just as in the case.


查看树木是否包含沉香。在历史上,牙齿一直在移动。 2000)。树木以高价卖给了居住在森林中的社区,成功的程度降低了,就像在这种情况下一样。

Our Company : the proud co-owner of 300 acre.

We are the manufacturer and exporter of Agarwood. Also known as Aloeswood, Eaglewood, Oudh, Gaharu, Jinkoh(Japan), Chen Xiang(China), Chim Hyuang (Korea), Pau Dáguila (Portugese), Calambac/Bois Dáigle(French) and Adlerholz (German) and also produce Agarwood related products from Thailand in the Southeast Asia region. Thailand produce one of the best Agarwood product in the world.

Our Agarwood products are 100% “Pure & Genuine” from our own plantation. It is Aquilaria Sub Integra species. This species produced the most resin content among other. Our main products are Agarwood Chips (Oudh Chips), Agarwood Oil (Oudh Oil), Agarwood Chunk, Agarwood Powder, Agarwood Incense Stick, Agarwood Incense Cone, Agarwood stuff, Bakhoor, Agarwood Tea, Agarwood Toiletries (Soap, Shampoo etc).

We are confident enough to say that our Agarwood are grown and cultivated by Agriculturist, not from the forest, and we do have a good Agarwood cultivation technique to produce more resin from the trees.




我们的主要产品是沉香木片(Oudh Chips),沉香木油(Oudh Oil),沉香木块,沉香粉,沉香木棍,沉香木锥,沉香木料,Bakhoor,沉香木茶,沉香木洗漱用品(肥皂,洗发水等)。


Each and every agarwood tree will be registered with CITIES.

Our agarwood trees quality has been certified and proofed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives Government and Industrial institute of Thailand. Our existing client are from the Middle East and China. We also have expertise in Agarwood industry more than a decade and we are able to sell and supply Agarwood products for high volume quantity to international market.

We produce grades from the lowest to the highest as per the market demands. We are being considered as one of the top producer for the super grades in the Arab market. Based on the reports during the recent “World Agarwood Meeting” in Vietnam, an Aquilaria Sub-Integra species trade has got the highest commercial value in the market.

General Objectives

To support the stability and upgrade the standard of living of the natives of Sarawak and to protect and preserving its flora and fauna. Through the establishment of the strategic reproduction process frameworks as a means for the judicious utilization of natural resources and re empowerment of the people, and its community.





Environmental Facts

The environmental issue is global issue for long time ago. Recently 24 countries had meeting to find orientation to solve effectively the environmental issue to protect human and creatures in this world to be existed and developed well. The process of building our country with the key is that: to develop economy and improve environment, has an importance and mutual interaction, as “Lip with Teeth, as Fish and Water” that cannot be separated.

环境事实:环境问题是很久以前的全球性问题。 最近有24个国家开会寻找有效解决环境问题的方向,以保护这个世界上生存良好的人类和生物。 用钥匙建设国家的过程是:发展经济,改善环境,具有不可分割的重要性和相互影响,如“口齿相间,如鱼与水”。


Deforestation is a perennial problem besetting every government and population. The continuing trend of deforestation calls for vigilant such as judicious governance and strategic approaches to forest preservation and regeneration. Sarawak in East Malaysia was included in the protection and preservation of its rainforest which is home to diverse species of flora and fauna and which sustains the bulwark of wildlife habitation. One of the ideal habitation for a substantial number of large forest tree species is Gaharu or commonly known as Agarwood, bearing the scientific name of Aquilaria Sub-Integra.

Natural Agarwood has been decreasing, then it becomes exhausted under the cruel exploiting hand of human. Because of lacking of experience, they cut down without mercy all Aquilaria trees that they saw. Formerly perennial Aquilaria trees were very immense and verdant, contributed very important role to the protection of environment, ecological conservation in our country, now they cry for help in hopelessness, then they are step-by- step losing and disappear in the forest gradually.




According to CITES (2003), the Agarwood tree produces a substance known as resin mould, a coat to protect itself from parasite infections. This resin mould has a natural, sweet-smelling fragrances and can be used as a primary ingredient for the manufacturing expensive perfumes.

A full grown Agarwood tree produces about 10 kilograms of the resin mould. The product potential of the Agarwood tree can substantially provide for the needs of economies. However, utilizing the Agarwood tree economic purpose or industrial venture needs strategic framework that adheres to forest sustainability and preservation.


Agglomeration of Agarwood.

We think about the mechanism of Unification of “Yin and Yang” in the excellent combination included: Quintessence of Land (source of nutrient sap to breed the tree), Sense of Purpose and Uprightness of Sky (phenomenon of photosynthesis), mixed with actions of person (excite to create Agarwood by the mechanical and chemical method: drill a hole to bring catalyst to create resin), with the extractives of Animal (insect, microorganism, micro fungus, is biological action), mixed with water for long days “Tempered as Resin”.


我们以极好的组合来考虑“阴阳”统一的机理,包括:土地的精髓(养育树液的营养液),目的感和天空的直立性(光合作用的现象), 与人的行为混合(通过机械和化学方法激发沉香:钻洞以带催化剂生成树脂),与动物的提取物(昆虫,微生物,微真菌,具有生物作用)混合,与水混合 漫长的日子“磨炼为树脂”。

Innoculation Process

Inoculation is a method that was developed to induce the production of Agarwood from young trees. The trees are inoculated in a specific manner enable then to produce Resin.

Resin will be produced by the trees as that is their natural defence mechanism towards the inoculation process. This method can ensure the consistent production of Agarwood from the trees planted.
The main principle of the process was the drilling of holes in the tree trunk and keeping the wound open by putting a small piece of plastic pipe in the hole.

A chemical treatment was added to the wound to encourage the trees defence mechanism which stimulates the production of the resin. After years of experimenting with the numbers of holes, the age of the tree, the amount of chemicals and other variables, the first trees were recently harvest and the production of incense made from the cultivated agarwood has begun.

The success of the experiment implies that it will not be long before the method spreads to other areas where Aquilaria trees are being grown.

This artificial inoculation process involves drilling holes on the Agarwood tree, filling them with fungal pathogen and sealing them off with wax.

Produced only by “sick” trees infected by fungi, this highly sought after fragrant resin (tras) has a cohort of uses, from aromatherapy to spa baths, perfume, message oil, soap, hair shampoo, hair conditioner, lip gloss, insect repellent, mosquito coils etc. After two to six years, upon maturing, the trees will be injected with fungi pathogens to trigger Agarwood production and this can be harvested after five months to a year.

After 6 months of inoculation catalyst, each Aquilaria Sub-Integra tree with enough above condition begin having agglomeration of Agarwood but leave it for 2 years then exploit it, in average we can have Agarwood of: 2kg type V, 2kg type VI.

Some cases we can have Agarwood of type IV, III, if leave it for many years. Thus it shows the transformation of Agarwood in low grade to Agarwood in high grade, can have the product in the highest grade (Agarwood of type I) with the time is long enough (6-10 years).

Aquilaria Sub-Integra trees can transplant Resin, it effect can reach up to 95% as expected.









Perfumer’s Guilty Pleasure

Oudh Essential Oil, is without a doubt the most refined olfactory merchandise available anywhere. The distillation of oudh oil has become an art form in its own right. These days, a new fad has taken root among designer perfume lines; Dior, Tom Ford, Yves Saint Laurent, Estee Lauder, who have started to incorporate Agarwood scents into their mainstream products.

调香师的罪恶感:Oudh香精油毫无疑问是任何地方最精致的嗅觉商品。 oudh油的蒸馏本身已成为一种艺术形式。 如今,一种新时尚已在设计师香水系列中扎根。 Dior,Tom Ford,Yves Saint Laurent,Estee Lauder,他们已经开始将沉香的香气融入其主流产品中

Our Oil Distillations

The Oil is extracted from the Agarwood through distillation. This delicate process determines both the amount and quality of oil produced. With the exception of large solid pieces of Agarwood which are traded as individual pieces, most of the wood is ground into very small pieces or powder, which are immersed in water and left to ferment over time.

The wood is chopped up into small pieces for distillation, and the dust produced from polishing and finishing the incense grade chips is also collected. For the hydro distillation method of extracting Agarwood oil, this wood is then soaked in barrels of water for some time to make it easier for the oil to come out when heated.

After the soaking process is over, the wood is now placed in large stills and cooked at precise temperatures and pressures. Some distillers, in order to save money, might cook the wood at very high temperatures and pressures.





This is in the hope of sucking out as much of the Agarwood oil in the shortest period of time possible. This is done to cut down labour, fuel, water, and electricity costs. But the effect of this is clearly discernable in the yielded oil. Pungent, burnt and harsh are some words to describe this type of oil. Then the material is transferred to distillation kettles and steamed.

After heating, the condensed water and oil are captured in a container where the oil floats on top of the water. The water is remove and the oil is tapped.

While the traditional hydro-distillation method is commonly used in India, Thailand and Cambodia, steam-distillation is most common in Indonesia, but is also used in Thailand and elsewhere. There are also other methods of extracting oud oil, like super critical CO2 extraction, but we have dealt with the two most common methods. After the oil has been distilled, it is filtered, sunned, and aged for a while. The more the oil is aged, the better it will smell.

The price of high quality oil can be as much as US$50,000 to US$80,000 per litre. This process can be repeated once or twice depending on the quality of the water and the costs of the distillation process. The powder which remains after distillation can be used for low grade incense making. It is estimated that for the production of one litre of Oudh oil 100 to 150 kilos of Agarwood is necessary.





8-Fold Strategic Framework

  1. Establish Gaharu production area as the means for sustainable industrial utilization of Gaharu Tree.
  2. Promote community collaboration and generate employment.
  3. Regenerate the species by creating seed nurseries.
  4. Conduct scheduled timber logging as replacement of new trees & systematically use land areas for planting.
  5. Expand the reforestation areas to re-acquire forest conversation areas.
  6. Promote sustainable environmental programs in support of the advocacy against deforestation & illegal logging.
  7. Create village level industries as a means of promoting small scale household based harvesting of resin mould.
  8. Established investment and create market opportunities by
    collaborating with the natives of Sarawak. # “One Village, Three Products” program that focuses on the production of Oil for Perfumes, Leaves for medicine, Herbs and Tea, and The Agarwood itself for Aroma Therapeutic Healing.


与砂拉越当地人合作。 #“一个村庄,三种产品”计划,重点生产用于香水的油,用于药用,草药和茶的树叶以及用于芳香疗法的沉香木本身。

Agarwood End Products

In the Middle East, the tradition of Oudh Perfume is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Oudh is the most luxurious perfume base derived from the Agarwood tree found in Far East Asia. It takes nearly 300 years to form in the trunk of a tree. Our ability to continuously adapt to trends in the market, ensures that we keep our promise in delivering the very best.

Oudh essential oils used daily by perfume lovers, Aroma lovers and went burn it produces a very relaxing smell that lingers to your home. Being used also in the Ayurvedic medicines, in all ceremonial celebration in the Middle East, the Royal Families Religious events and its compulsory daily by the Saudi males or females. “Fermented Agarwood Majnoon Arabia” produce by Our Company is very popular among the Arab Royalties as its not only produce good smell but also distress a person in its own way.

Agarwood Tea is a must buy in the China and Thailand market. It’s refreshing taste helps to clear sore throat, clear your lungs system and cleans your kidneys. Allah did not brought Agarwood the first plant on earth without any reasons. Our fore father and mother Nabi Adam prophet and Hawa cure all sickness and pain using Oudh/Agarwood.

It is believed that all parts of Agarwood plant is useful to us. Oudh Tea ( activation tea) is a very special flavor that stimulate the brain cell cortex, the visceral can run of benign.

Agarwood leaf contains a lot of anti-aging, anti-cancer drug ingredients and it helps to improve one look.

Our Agarwood End-Products:

1) Agarwood Chips ,
2) Agarwood Oil,
3) Agarwood Chunk,
4) Agarwood Powder,
5) Agarwood Incense Stick,
6) Agarwood Incense Cone,
7) Agarwood Bakhoor,
8) Agarwood Tea,
9) Agarwood Toiletries (Soap, Shampoo etc).

Benefits of Drinking Agarwood Tea; Strengthen the heart, Reduce blood Sugar, Reduce Blood Pressure, Improve Sleep, Beauty, Eliminate Constipation, Degreasing, Good Aphrodisiac and Eliminate Asthma.


在中东,Oudh香水的传统是一项价值数十亿美元的产业。 Oudh是衍生自远东亚洲沉香树的最豪华的香水基料。在树的树干上形成花了将近300年的时间。我们不断适应市场趋势的能力,确保了我们兑现提供最佳产品的诺言。


沉香茶是在中国和泰国市场必买的产品。令人耳目一新的味道有助于清除喉咙痛,清洁肺部系统和清洁肾脏。阿拉没有任何理由就没有将沉香木带到地球上。我们的前任父亲纳比·亚当先知纳比·亚当和哈瓦使用Oudh / Agarwood治愈了所有疾病和痛苦。

相信沉香植物的所有部分对我们都是有用的。 Oudh茶(活化茶)是一种非常特殊的香料,可刺激大脑皮层,内脏可以保持良性。




Agarwood Leaves

Benefits of Drinking Agarwood Tea; Strengthen the heart, Reduce blood Sugar, Reduce Blood Pressure, Improve Sleep, Beauty, Eliminate Constipation, Degreasing, Good Aphrodisiac and Eliminate Asthma.

Agarwood Grinded & Fermentation

Toiletries made of Agarwood Base products

We can be contacted at the emails : abdurrachim@gmail.com


Etymology of Agarwood 沉香木

Aquilaria tree showing darker agarwood. Poachers had scraped off the bark to allow the tree to become infected by the ascomycetous mould.

Agarwood is known under many names in different cultures:

  • Another name is Lignum aloes or Aloeswood, unrelated to the familiar genus, Aloe. Also from aghil, via Hebrew and Greek.
  • In Assamese it is called as “xasi” (সাঁচি).
  • In Bengali, agarwood is known as “agor gach/gas (আগর গাছ)” and the agarwood oil as “agor ator (আগর আতর)”.
  • In Odia, it is called as “agara” (ଅଗର).
  • In Cambodia, it is called “chann crassna”. The fragrance from this wood is called “khloem chann” (ខ្លឹមចាន់) or “khloem chann crassna”. “khloem” is hard wood, “chann crassna” is the tree species Aquilaria crassna in the Khmer language.
  • In Hindi, it is known as agar, which is derived originally from the Sanskrit aguru. 
  • In Sinhala Agarwood producing Gyrinops walla tree is known as “Walla Patta” (වල්ල පට්ට).
  • In Tamil it is called “aghil” (அகில்) though what was referred in ancient Tamil literature could well be Excoecaria agallocha.
  • In Telugu and Kannada, it is known by the same Sanskrit name as Aguru.
  • It is known as Chénxiāng (沉香) in Chinese, Chimhyang (침향) in Korean and Jinkō (沈香) in Japanese; all meaning “deep scent” and alluding to its intense scent. In Japan, there are several grades of Jinkō, the highest of which is known as Kyara (伽羅).
  • In Tibetan it is known as ཨ་ག་རུ་ (a-ga-ru). There are several varieties used in Tibetan Medicine: unique eaglewood: ཨར་བ་ཞིག་ (ar-ba-zhig); yellow eaglewood: ཨ་ག་རུ་སེར་པོ་ (a-ga-ru ser-po), white eaglewood: ཨར་སྐྱ་ (ar-skya), and black eaglewood: ཨར་ནག་(ar-nag). 
  • Both agarwood and its resin distillate/extracts are known as oud (عود) in Arabic (literally “rod/stick”) and used to describe agarwood in Arab countries.  Western perfumers also often use agarwood essential oil under the name “oud” or “oudh”.
  • In Europe it was referred to as Lignum aquila (eagle-wood) or Agilawood, from similarity to Tamil-Malayalam aghil’
  • In Indonesian and Malay, it is called “gaharu”.
  • In Papua New Guinea it is called “ghara” or eagle wood.
  • In Thai it is known as mai kritsana (ไม้กฤษณา).
  • In Laos it is known as mai ketsana (ໄມ້ເກດສະໜາ).
  • In Myanmar (Burmese), it is known as Thit Mhwae (သစ်မွှေး).
  • In Vietnamese, it is known as trầm hương.  In Vietnam, ancient texts also refer to the use of agarwood in relation to travelling Buddhist monks.

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沉香木,沉香木,沉香木或嘎哈鲁木是一种芳香的深色树脂木,用于熏香,香水和小雕刻。当沉香树被一种霉菌(Phialophora parasitica)感染时,它会在沉香树的心材中形成。
在感染之前,心材是无味的,相对较轻,呈浅色。但是,随着感染的进行,树会产生一种深色的芳香树脂,称为芦荟(不要与多汁的芦荟(通常称为苦芦荟)混淆)或琼脂(不要与可食用的藻类琼脂混淆) )以及gaharu,jinko,oud或oodh aguru(不要与bukhoor混淆),以应对这种攻击,从而导致非常密集,深色,树脂嵌入的心材。
Dioscorides在他的《本草》(Materia Medica,公元65年)一书中描述了沉香的几种医学特性,并提到了沉香的用途。
沉醉于大约八世纪的Sahih穆斯林中也记录了沉香木作为药物的用途,而阿育吠陀医学文本中的Susruta Samhita也记录了沉香木的用法。

在长安以15克拉买来的一磅Calambac在长崎市可以卖到600克拉。 Nguygun Lords很快就出售Calambac建立了皇家垄断。
玄z的游记和写于公元七世纪在印度北部的Harshacharita提到了沉香木产品的使用,例如古代阿萨姆邦(Kamarupa)的“ Xasipat”(书写材料)和“芦荟油”。用树皮制作书写材料的传统仍然存在于阿萨姆邦。
•另一个名称是Lignum aloes或Aloeswood,与熟悉的芦荟属无关。同样来自aghil,通过希伯来语和希腊语。
•在阿萨姆语中,它称为“ xasi”(সাঁচি)。
•在孟加拉国,沉香被称为“ agor gach / gas(আগরগাছ)”,沉香木油被称为“ agor ator(আগরআতর)”。
•在Odia中,它称为“ agara”(ଅଗର)。
•在柬埔寨,它被称为“ chann crassna”。这种木材的香气叫做“ khloem chann”(ខ្លឹមចាន់)或“ khloem chann crassna”。 “ khloem”是硬木,“ chann crassna”是高棉语中的树种沉香。
•在Sinhala沉香木中生产的Gyrinops walla树被称为“ Walla Patta”(වල්ල)。
•在泰米尔语中,它被称为“ aghil”(அகில்),尽管古代泰米尔语文献中提到的可能是Excoecaria agallocha。
•在藏语中被称为ཨ་ག་རུ་(a-ga-ru)。藏医学有几种变种:独特的沉香:ཨར་བ་ཞིག་(ar-ba-zhig);黄色沉香:ཨ་ག་རུ་སེར་པོ་(a-ga-ru ser-po),白色沉香:wood(ar-skya),黑色沉香:ཨར་ནག་(ar-nag) 。
•沉香木及其树脂馏出物/提取物在阿拉伯语(字面称为“棒/棒”)中被称为oud(عود),并在阿拉伯国家用于描述沉香木。西方调香师还经常使用沉香木精油,名称为“ oud”或“ oudh”。
•在欧洲,与泰米尔语-马拉雅拉姆语aghil’相似,它被称为木香天鹰木(Lignum aquila)(鹰木)或Agilawood。
•在印度尼西亚语和马来语中,它被称为“ gaharu”。
•在巴布亚新几内亚,它被称为“ ghara”或鹰木。
•在泰语中,它被称为mai kritsana(ไม้กฤษณา)。
•在老挝,它被称为mai ketsana(ໄມ້ເກດສະໜາ)。
•在缅甸(缅甸),它被称为Thit Mhwae(သစ်မွှေး)。
沉香属中有17种,是东南亚原产的大型常绿植物,已知有9种可生产琼脂木。从理论上讲,沉香可以由所有成员生产。然而,直到最近它主要是从马六酸曲霉生产的。 A. agallocha和A. secundaria是A. malaccensis的同义词。 crassna和A. sinensis是通常收获的该属的另外两个成员。紫罗兰树也可以产生沉香。
琼脂木的形成发生在树木的树干和树根中,这些昆虫已经被昆虫以木和油性树脂(Ambrosia甲虫(Dinoplatypus chevrolati))为食。
可以使用蒸汽从琼脂木材中蒸馏出油。 70公斤木材的油总产量不会超过20毫升。

•Aquilaria apiculata,在菲律宾发现
•Aquilaria brachyantha,发现于马来西亚
•Aquilaria khasiana,见于孟加拉国和印度。
•沉香木(Aquilaria microcarpa),在印度尼西亚和马来西亚发现
•Aquilaria rostrata,在马来西亚发现
•*。斯里兰卡的“沉香木”被称为Walla Patta,属于Gyrinops walla物种。