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5 Benefits and side effects of Moringa leaves for health

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5 Benefits and side effects of Moringa leaves for health

Moringa leaves do contain nutrients and vitamins that are good for health. However, indiscriminate consumption of Moringa leaves can cause health problems.

Moringa leaves, a plant that has always been identified with mystical things. However, not a few people like to eat Moringa leaves.

Just so you know, in Palu, Central Sulawesi, where Moringa leaves are processed into delicious food, Moringa leaves have been processed into powder that can be added to tea or coffee.

Just so you know, Moringa tea is one of the popular drinks among health lovers.

Moringa tea drinks are believed to have extraordinary benefits for the health of the body, here are the reviews.

  1. Control blood pressure Moringa tea is useful to help control blood pressure.

This is because, Moringa leaves contain quercetin which plays a role in helping lower blood pressure.

  1. Lose weight Moringa leaf tea is rich in antioxidants, especially polyphenols.

According to the book How To Lose Back Fat, by Cynthia Trainer, Moringa tea has been shown to have a weight-loss effect. Energy production occurs instead of storing fat.

Moringa leaves contain low fat and nutrient dense which can be an alternative to high-calorie foods.

  1. Controlling blood sugar Moringa tea is good for diabetics.

Moringa leaves contain antioxidant chlorogenic which plays a role in keeping blood sugar levels under control. Not only that, the vitamin C in Moringa leaves has been shown to reduce blood sugar levels and blood pressure in people with type 2 diabetes.

  1. Cholesterol Moringa can also help lower cholesterol levels, so it can help people with heart disease and reduce the risk of heart disease.
  2. Caring for hair and skin

Moringa powder contains antioxidants that help improve the quality of skin and hair health. The antioxidants in Moringa help keep toxins away and cleanse the skin.

How to make Moringa tea.

Moringa powder is widely sold online. To make Moringa tea quite easy, you boil Moringa powder with water until it boils. After that, you strain and produce bright green water.

If you don’t want to buy moringa powder online, you can make your own at home. You provide fresh Moringa leaves and then dry them. Once completely dry, you grind the Moringa leaves to a powder.

Keep in mind, if you suffer from a chronic disease, you should consult a doctor before consuming Moringa leaves. Moringa leaf side effects for health Moringa leaves do have many good health benefits.

However, some people should not consume Moringa leaves carelessly. Because, Moringa leaves have side effects that can trigger health problems.

Launching from the Inside Morning website, Moringa leaves contain alkaloids that are useful for lowering blood pressure. Not only that, these compounds can also slow down the heart rate. Diabetics who take chemical drugs on a regular basis should not consume Moringa leaves.

This is because the consumption of Moringa leaves along with these chemical drugs can significantly reduce blood sugar to below normal limits. In addition, Moringa leaves can interfere with liver function when consumed in excess.

So you should consume Moringa leaves in moderation or consult a doctor first.