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7 Benefits of Agarwood Tree

Not many people know about the benefits of agarwood trees. Agarwood tree or wood is one of the natural resources of forest products that comes from certain trees and is known to have a selling value of hundreds of millions to billions of rupiah. What you should know, this agarwood belongs to a group of essential oils or oils produced from the distillation process or distillation either from the roots, stems, leaves or flowers of plants.

The distinctive aroma makes this agarwood used as a raw material for making cosmetics, various kinds of jewelry accessories, for medicine to the perfume industry. The sophistication of the growing technique has even made several countries in Korea, Singapore, China, Japan and the United States make or develop this wood into a drug for kidney disorders, asthma, stomach pain, stress relief, tuberculosis antibiotics to hepatitis.

Lower Blood Pressure

It is not only made into processed essential oils, but also pieces of agarwood sticks are believed to be used to overcome health problems. That can lower blood pressure. This agarwood will work by removing the blockages in the blood vessels. To be able to get the benefits of agarwood, you just need to put pieces of agarwood in warm water. Then you can drink the steeped water, drink the agarwood steeped water regularly in order to get maximum results.

High Selling Value

One of the benefits of agarwood is from an economic point of view. By having a distinctive aroma. Not only as a room freshener, but agarwood can be used as a cosmetic ingredient. It turns out that this agarwood has been used by several countries from China, Japan and even America. This is the text that appears in the text box containing the book’s text, which is unique to the group of people who use it to write articles. Therefore, do not be surprised if the price is also very expensive. Gaharu wood with the best quality can be priced up to billions of rupiah.

Useful in the Medical World

Currently, along with the development of world technology in several countries such as China, Korea, Singapore to the United States, they are starting to use and develop agarwood in the medical world. They use it as a kidney medicine, asthma, stomachache, and even relieve stress. Not only if it is processed properly and appropriately, this wood can provide extraordinary benefits. In some countries, agarwood is used as an antibiotic for a chronic disease, namely tuberculosis.

Can improve the Digestive System

In addition to the above benefits, agarwood is also able to improve the body’s digestive system. Some types of digestive disorders are believed to relieve and treat if there are problems with the digestive system. One of the problems that can be overcome with this gahari starts from colds, and bloating, or diarrhea. You convert agarwood into essential oil to get the benefits.

All parts of agarwood can be used

It is not only the resin and glubal that can be utilized, but all parts of this tree also have benefits. Starting from the stem, resin to the leaves have benefits. From the agarwood stem itself, it can be processed into an essential oil. The leaves can be processed into herbal teas.

Also Called Wood from Heaven

Agarwood is also called holy wood or wood from heaven. Everything is related to the Prophet From Abi Hurairah Radliyalahu’anh in the narrations of Imam Bukhari. “The people of Paradise who are first entered into Paradise are the shape of the moon on the night of the full moon… (until he says)… The flame from their incense sticks is agarwood,” Imam Abul Yaman explained that gahar is gahar.

Preventing Tumors

Furthermore, the benefits of agarwood besides being able to prevent and treat serious diseases or can even be called chronic. Why is that because this agarwood contains flavonoids which are very useful in protecting the quality and also the health of the cells in your body.