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Benefits of Agarwood Oil

Benefits of Agarwood Oil with a Distinctive and Expensive Fragrant Odor

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The benefits of agarwood oil are quite a lot, especially in terms of spirituality and aromatherapy. As for health, the oil from the agarwood tree is generally used to relieve kidney disorders, asthma, to help relieve stress.

This essential oil comes from the agarwood tree which grows in almost all tropical regions. The height of this tree can reach more than 30 meters, some even reach 40 meters.

We can use almost all parts of the gaharu tree. For example on the stem that we can use for furniture and furniture making materials. The leaves are used as a drink mixture that is nutritious for health.

Interestingly, the gaharu tree is one of the most expensive types of plants in the world with its characteristic fragrant smell. Most people also believe that this tree comes from heaven because of the distinctive fragrance that comes out.

This distinctive smell is often used by people for aromatherapy and making perfume. Make sure you use the original oil by looking at the characteristics of the dark black color and the smell that doesn’t sting.

In addition to the several benefits of aloes oil for health, some use it as a mixture of incense and cosmetic ingredients. The various benefits of gaharu trees in addition to health are indeed many who use it for mystical and magical things.

This may be related to a tradition that has been going on for generations. In fact, not infrequently this use coincides with the process in traditional medicine to overcome a disease.

Benefits of Agarwood Oil for Health
Not only as a furniture material because it has a strong wood texture, or for aromatherapy because it smells good. Gaharu trees can also produce oil from the refining process which is rich in health benefits.

Well, here are the various benefits of agarwood oil for health and beauty that you must know.

Overcoming Joints
Not only does it smell good, the analgesic content in this herb can also be useful for dealing with various joint disorders. Such as gout, gout, rheumatism and muscle pain.

For how to use agarwood oil in this case, of course, not by drinking it. The use of this herb is by rubbing while massaging the sore part.

Relieve Kidney Disorders
Agarwood oil generally we can drink according to a sufficient dose. To treat kidney disorders, agarwood oil has been studied by China, Singapore and several other countries with advanced technology.

Can Relieve Stress
Agarwood oil can relieve stress due to overthinking. The smell is fragrant can make the brain more relaxed and relaxed. Even some people use the benefits of agarwood oil to help concentrate in worship.

Help Treat Cancer
Agarwood tree which is processed into oil contains anti-cancer properties so that it can be useful for treating and preventing various types of cancer. We can also use it as a cancer healing therapy.

Maintain Skin Health
Bacteria, fungi and irritants are skin disorders that can interfere with appearance. Agarwood oil which has anti-inflammatory properties can overcome this problem.

To Treat Asthma
The benefits of agarwood oil are also from its fragrant and distinctive aroma. Aromatherapy products from agarwood are useful for relieving symptoms of mild shortness of breath. Just apply this oil around the nose and chest so that the smell is more optimal.

Relieve Cough
One more benefit that we get from the aroma is that it can relieve and overcome coughs. To use it, you can drink and mix warm water and we can also rub it on the back and chest.

Launch Menstruation
Another benefit that many women believe is that it can launch the menstrual cycle. It can also overcome problems that arise due to menstruation such as pain and abdominal pain.

Overcoming Sleep Disorders
Sleep disorders that arise due to depression, anxiety and a lot of thoughts can also be overcome with agarwood oil. The distinctive aroma that comes out of the sapwood can make the muscles of the body more relaxed.

Those are the various benefits of agarwood oil for health and body beauty. However, because the price is not cheap, maybe not everyone can get this herb. Maybe it’s because of the high price that fake aloes oil is circulating.

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