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Briquette Function

Briquette Utility

Get to know the various functions of briquettes in everyday life.

Briquettes are one type of energy source that is safe to use.

Energy sources can come from various things, one of which is briquettes.

Briquettes have several ingredients in making, some are from coal, some are from natural materials such as coconut shell charcoal or coconut shell charcoal.

The types of briquettes that can be used as alternative energy are briquettes from natural materials, such as agricultural residues, livestock, plantations, and forestry.

Therefore, this type of briquette is a renewable energy source that is environmentally friendly.

Even briquettes are also an alternative energy source that has many benefits.

Briquettes are an alternative energy source to replace fossil fuels.

The following will explain the function of briquettes in various purposes.

Briquette Function

Alternative Fuel

The main function of briquettes is as an alternative fuel.

Briquettes can replace fossil fuels derived from plants and animals millions of years ago.

So by using briquettes, you will save the use of non-renewable energy sources, namely petroleum.

Briquettes can also be easily made from various natural materials that are around.

Save Fuel Oil

As an alternative energy source, of course briquettes can save the use of fuel oil.

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Even briquettes can be used for a long time and long enough.

Briquettes are flammable, but do not burn out quickly.

In addition, the use of briquettes can also save costs.

Because briquettes are cheaper than fuel oil and can be used for a longer time.

Reduce Waste

The use of briquettes can also help reduce natural waste in the surrounding environment.

Briquettes can be made from materials containing lignin and cellulose such as biomass waste.

Therefore, briquettes can be made from livestock waste or biomass waste such as animal manure, or agricultural waste in the form of husks.

By processing into briquettes, waste can be more useful for reuse.

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Reduce Air Pollution

The use of briquettes as fuel can also reduce air pollution.

The smoke produced by briquettes does not cause severe pollution such as the use of fuel oil.

But of course this only applies to briquettes from natural materials, not coal.

Author : Amirul Nisa