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Gaharu wood is a type of wood that comes from several types of tree plants of the genus Aquilaria, especially the A. malaccensis type. This type of wood generally has a slightly blackish color, which is a distinctive dark black and also contains resin content in the sapwood.
The resin content in the sapwood is also used as a complement to fragrances because it has a very distinctive and fragrant aroma. This aroma is also believed to be able to be used as a potent anti-stress aromatherapy.
This wood was used about hundreds of years ago, this type of wood became a trade priority from various kingdoms in the archipelago to various parts of the world such as India, Persia, Arab countries, to countries in East Africa.
The limited amount of agarwood in nature, as well as the high demand and interest in this type of wood, makes it so expensive and is one of the most expensive types of wood in the world.

Types of agarwood with its characteristics

Apart from ironwood, agarwood is also very famous. Apart from its distinctive aroma, agarwood has very distinctive features and characteristics as well. In wild forests, trees made of agarwood can generally grow to a height of 35 to 40 meters with an average trunk diameter of 60 cm.
Gaharu trees have tapered leaves, aka tapered at the ends of the leaves and have fruit that is round and oval with a length of about 3 cm to 5 cm. The fruit of this agarwood tree has a reddish color and a slightly hairy skin surface.
On the part of the agarwood tree which has very good quality, the sapwood part of the tree has a evenly dark black color and also has a distinctive aroma that is very thick when it is cut or sliced. Compared to low quality agarwood, the sapwood is slightly brown in color and the resulting aroma is not as strong as agarwood which has high quality.

Benefits and Use of Agarwood

Besides having substances that can be used as the main ingredient for fragrances as mentioned earlier, aloes are also widely used or used for various other types of needs. Almost the same as sandalwood. Here are some forms of use of agarwood seen from various fields in general.

Fashion Accessories

Gaharu wood is not only used for making fragrances but can also be used as accessories. This type of wood is also often used as a material for making bracelets, necklaces, and pendants. This wood is also often used as a material for making prayer beads.

As a Medicine Material

Gaharu wood is also familiarly used as a medicinal plant in making certain medicines for certain diseases including constipation, bloating, kidney, diarrhea, colds, shortness of breath, and symptoms of hypertension.

As an Ingredient for Cosmetics and Shampoo

Unexpectedly, besides being used as a perfume-making ingredient, the content in agarwood is often used as a complementary choice for cosmetic products as well as body care, such as shampoo.

As a home furniture material

Other uses of agarwood are in the fields of architecture and interiors such as the use of Meranti wood. The black color of the wood makes many people interested in using it to complement building materials, such as door frames. Not only that, agarwood is also very often used in the manufacture of interior furniture and furniture, such as chairs and tables, or just as a room-perfect decoration

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Indonesian Agarwood Prices

The following is an estimate of the price of agarwood in 2021. From several sources, the price of agarwood is slightly unstable due to the ongoing export and import conditions.

Friends must be familiar with this one wood with its trademark which has a very fragrant aroma.

Here are some types of agarwood that are available:

  1. Aquilaria cumingiana, from Indonesia dan Malaysia
  2. Aquilaria baneonsis, from Vietnam
  3. Aquilaria malaccensis, from Malaysia, Thailand, dan India
  4. Aquilaria microcarpa, from Indonesia, Malaysia
  5. Aquilaria rostrata, from Malaysia
  6. Aquilaria sinensis, from Tiongkok
  7. Aquilaria crassna from Malaysia, Thailand, dan Kamboja
  8. Aquilaria apiculina, from Filipina
  9. Aquilaria filaria, from Tiongkok
  10. Aquilaria grandiflora, from Tiongkok
  11. Aquilaria hilata, from Indonesia dan Malaysia
  12. Aquilaria khasiana, from India
  13. Aquilaria beccarain, from Indonesia
  14. Aquilaria subintegra, from Thailand
  15. Aquilaria brachyantha, from Malaysia
  16. Aquilaria baillonii, from Thailand dan Kamboja

This wood is not only used as an ingredient for fragrances but also has a myriad of benefits such as for medical, beauty and even use as a craft material. In the medical world, agarwood is used as a stress reliever and several diseases such as cancer and tumors can be cured with this plant.

Let us discuss the price of agarwood

The various benefits of this wood makes it unique and makes the price so fantastic, ranging from millions to billions. For the price of wood that has a quality that can be considered ordinary, it can range between 20-30 million, while wood that has high quality, the price offered can reach up to billions.

The buyers of agarwood are willing to buy it at prices ranging from IDR 20-30 million per kilogram. Meanwhile, if this type of wood is super quality, it is not uncommon for someone to buy it at a price of Rp. 40 – 60 million per kilogram.


Kualitas (Grade)Harga (USD)Satuan
Double King$ 54,688Kg
Super King$ 42,969Kg
A. Super$ 27,344Kg
AB. Super$ 5,469Kg
Sabak Ulir$ 2,735Kg
Arab Super$ 1,954Kg
Sabak Batu$ 938Kg
Sabak Malaysia$ 938Kg
Sabak Air$ 626Kg
CIP Arab$ 547Kg
Medang B Padat$ 313Kg
Tri Arab$ 235Kg
Medang B$ 157Kg
Medang C$ 47Kg

In addition, if friends are interested in cultivating it, the price of seeds can range from 50,000 to 70,000 per seed.

If friends are interested, there are several things that must be considered in the process of cultivating this plant, including:

1. Choose good seeds

If you want to produce quality agarwood, this is where you need to pay attention too. Selection of the right seeds can produce quality gaharu. In choosing seeds, make sure that the selected seeds are not attacked by pests. And the ideal bibt has a diameter of 1cm and a minimum height of 20-30 cm

2. Prepare the land

Prepare good land for planting seeds and give each plant a distance of about 3 x 3 meters. This is an ideal distance for planting and provides space between one tree and another.

3. Planting

How to plant is to prepare a hole measuring 30 x 30 x 30 cm. For planting agarwood seeds, it is good to do it during the rainy season.

4. Care

Furthermore, namely maintenance, after planting the agarwood tree, it is given shade, which can be in the form of a haystack or it can be with leaves that are quite wide in size. This is intended so that the agarwood tree is not exposed to excessive sunlight because because this plant is not suitable if it is exposed to excessive sunlight, especially for young plants, excess sunlight can cause water to evaporate quickly.

For the use of pesticides, use organic pesticides because they are safer and do not pollute the environment.

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1. 来自印度尼西亚和马来西亚的黄瓜沉香(Aquilaria cumingiana)
2. 来自越南的沉香古菌
4. 来自马来西亚印度尼西亚的沉香木
5. 来自马来西亚的
6. 香沉香,来自Tiongkok
7. 来自马来西亚,泰国,丹·坎博贾的沉香
8. Aquilaria apiculina,来自菲律宾
9. 丁香的沉香
10. 大花沉香,来自Tiongkok
11. Aquilaria hilata,来自印度尼西亚和马来西亚
12. 哈萨克族沉香(Aquilaria khasiana),来自印度
13. Aquilaria beccarain,来自印度尼西亚
14. 沉香亚积分,来自泰国
15. Aquilaria brachyantha,来自马来西亚
16. Aquilaria baillonii,来自泰国 Kamboja





Double King$ 54,688公斤
Super King$ 42,969公斤
A. Super$ 27,344公斤
AB. Super$ 5,469公斤
Sabak Ulir$ 2,735公斤
Arab Super$ 1,954公斤
Sabak Batu$ 938公斤
Sabak Malaysia$ 938公斤
Sabak Air$ 626公斤
CIP Arab$ 547公斤
Medang B Padat$ 313公斤
Tri Arab$ 235公斤
Medang B$ 157公斤
Medang C$ 47公斤



 准备好播种种子的良好土地,使每棵植物之间的距离约为3 x 3米。这是种植的理想距离,并在一棵树和另一棵树之间提供了空间。

种植方法是准备一个30 x 30 x 30厘米的孔。对于种植沉香种子,在雨季最好这样做。


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Cara Membuat Kayu Gaharu Menjadi Minyak

Kayu gaharu merupakan salah satu penghasil minyak wangi yang sangat terkenal minyak yang dihasilkan biasa disebut minyak atsiri.

Berbagai macam minyak yang dihasilkan antara lain :

Minyak atsiri juga dikenal dengan minyak eterik (aetheric oil), minyak esensial (essential oil), minyak terbang (volatile oil), dan juga minyak aromatik (aromatic oil), diantara minyak-minyak diatas terdapat minyak nabati. Minyak- minyak ini dihasilkan dari proses penyulingan.

Berikut ini beberapa tahapan untuk menghasilkan minyak gaharu:

  Metode Penyulingan Air

Salah proses penyulingan  yang dilakukan dengan cara ini yaitu dengan memasukan bahan baku disini perlu diperhatikan bahan baku yang digunakan bisa berupa bahan kering atau yang sudah layu. Masukan bahan tadi kedalam tempat penyulingan dan diisi dengan air untuk proses merebusnya. Selama proses perebusan ini nantinya akan menghasilkan uap yang disalurkan melalui pipa-pipa yang terhubung dengan kondensor. Uap yang dihasilkan ini  masih tercampur dengan air dan minyak yang nantinya akan terkondensasi sampai mencair. Untuk bisa memisahkan air dengan minyak nantinya akan memasuki alat yang namanya separator.

Metode Penyulingan Air dan Uap

 Metode Penyulingan Air dan Uap yakni biasa disebut Metode Water and Steam Distillation, atau bisa juga disebut dengan cara kukus. Sama halnya dengan system kukus pada umumnya dimana bahan baku yang digunakan tidak bersentuhan langsung dengan air, dimana akan dibatasi oleh alas.

Metode ini sering digunakan karena tidak membutuhkan air yang banyak dan dapat mempersingkat proses produksi.

Namaun cara ini harus dilengkapi dengan kohobasi dimana air kondensat yang keluar dari separator tersebut akan masuk kembali dengan otomatis kedalam untuk meminimkan air. Metode ini dinilai lebih menguntungkan pihak produksi agar bebas dari proses hidrolisa pada komponen minyak atsiri. Dengan metode ini uap yang dihasilkan lebih stabil dan merupakan cara yang sangat bagus.

Metode Distilasi Uap Langsung

Metode Distilasi Uap Langsung atau Metode Direct Steam Distillation yakni cara  penyulingan dimana bahan baku yang digunakan tidak terikat  langsung dengan air ataupun dengan api. Hanya saja uap yang digunakan dengan tekanan tinggi yang dapat difungsikan untuk menyuling minyak.

Untuk  membuat uap yang memiliki tekanan sangat tinggi pada boiler, yakni uap mengalir melewati  pipa dan akan masuk kedalam katel yang berisi dengan bahan baku. Dan nantinya uap yang keluar akan terhubung dengan kondensor, supaya  minyak dapat terpisah dengan air yakni dengan menggunkan separator yang disesuaikan dengan berat jenis massa minyak. Cara ini memerlukan waktu yang cukup lama yaitu sekitar 72 jam untuk  penyulingan. Minyak pertama yang dihasilkan bias anya masih terdapat sisa-sisa dari kayu gaharu  oleh karena itu minyak perlu dijemur dibawah sinar matahari dengan waktu 10 sampai dengan 15 menit didalam botol yang tertutup rapat.

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How to Make Agarwood into Oil

Gaharu wood is one of the most famous perfume producers. The oil produced is usually called essential oil.
The various types of oil produced include:
Essential oils are also known as etheric oils, essential oils, volatile oils, and aromatic oils, among the above oils there are vegetable oils. These oils are produced from the refining process.

Here are some steps to produce agarwood oil:

Water Distillation Method

One of the distillation processes carried out in this way, namely by entering the raw materials here, it is necessary to pay attention to the raw materials used, which can be dry or withered materials. Put the ingredients in the distillery and fill them with water for the boiling process. During the boiling process, steam will be generated which is channeled through pipes connected to the condenser. The steam produced is still mixed with water and oil which will later condense until it melts. To be able to separate water from oil, it will enter a tool called a separator.

Water and Steam Distillation Methods

The Water and Steam Distillation Method is commonly called the Water and Steam Distillation Method, or it can also be called the steaming method. It is the same as the steam system in general where the raw materials used are not in direct contact with water, which will be limited by the base.
This method is often used because it does not require a lot of water and can shorten the production process.
However, this method must be equipped with a cohobation where the condensate water that comes out of the separator will automatically re-enter to minimize water. This method is considered to be more profitable for the production party to be free from the hydrolysis process of essential oil components. With this method the steam is more stable and is a very good way.

Direct Steam Distillation Method

Direct Steam Distillation Method or Direct Steam Distillation Method is a distillation method in which the raw materials used are not directly attached to water or fire. It’s just that steam is used with high pressure which can be used to refine oil.
To make steam which has a very high pressure in the boiler, that is, the steam flows through the pipe and will enter the cathel filled with raw materials. And later the steam that comes out will be connected to the condenser, so that the oil can be separated from the water by using a separator which is adjusted to the density of the mass of the oil. This method requires a long time, which is about 72 hours for distillation. The first oil produced usually still contains traces of agarwood, therefore the oil needs to be dried in the sun for 10 to 15 minutes in a tightly closed bottle.

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7 Benefits of Agarwood (Oud / Gaharu) – Chen Xiang Agarwood Oud Wholesale WA +6287832732999 عود

Benefits of Agarwood Tree

The benefits of the agarwood tree are rarely known to many people. The agarwood tree is one of the natural forest resources which is known to have a value of hundreds of millions of dollar. Please note, that this agarwood is included in the essential oil group.

Its distinctive smell makes agarwood used as raw material for making cosmetics, incense, preservatives for various accessories to the perfume industry. Increasingly developing technology has even made several countries such as Korea, Singapore, China, Japan and the United States develop this wood as a medicine for kidney disorders, asthma, stomach aches, stress relievers, antibiotics for tuberculosis to hepatitis.

This aloe wood actually also stores a lot of benefits for the health of the human body. Now for those of you who want to know what are the benefits of the agarwood tree, We will present the information for you. The following are the benefits of the agarwood tree which have been summarized from various sources.

Have High Economic Value

The first benefit of gaharu tree is that it can be viewed from an economic point of view. Having a thick and odorous characteristic, the agarwood tree is widely used in various fields. Not only as an air freshener, this aloe tree is also useful as a raw material for the cosmetic industry.

This has been implemented in various countries ranging from China, Japan and America. Not only that, its very strong texture and unique trunk shape make agarwood trees often used as a variety of handicrafts. So do not be surprised if this rare wood has such fantastic economic value. In fact, you need to know, good quality agarwood trees can be priced at tens of millions per kilo.

Considered Wood from Heaven
Not only that, this gaharus wood also has tremendous benefits if it is processed properly and appropriately. Even some countries that have previously been mentioned also make gaharus wood as an antibiotic for chronic tuberculosis disease.

All Parts Can Be Used
It should be noted that it is not only the resin and sap from the agarwood tree that can be used, even as a whole this tree can be beneficial. Starting from the stems, resins to the leaves have their respective properties and benefits.

Improve Digestive System
Another benefit that can be learned from the gaharu tree is that it can improve your digestive system. It is believed that various types of digestive disorders will subside and heal when treated with aloes.

Gaharu wood has the benefit of being able to overcome stomach problems, ranging from colds, constipation, bloating or even diarrhea. You can use the agarwood tree that has been processed into essential oil to get this benefit.

Prevent Tumor Disease
The next benefit of the agarwood tree is that it is able to treat severe diseases or even chronic. Yes, processed from the agarwood tree is believed to be able to prevent tumors that are classified as serious diseases.

This is because gaharu wood contains flavonoids which are very useful in protecting the quality and health of your body cells.

Lower Blood Pressure
Not only can it be used as essential oil, but it is believed that aloes can be used to treat health problems. One of them is by lowering blood pressure. It will work by removing blockages that occur in blood vessels.

To get these benefits, you only need to brew aloes wood chips. Then you can drink the steeping water regularly in order to get maximum results.

So, those are some of the benefits that can be learned from the agarwood tree. So not only does it have economic value and high selling value, but this agarwood has various benefits for the health of the human body. Hopefully this information can increase your knowledge about the benefits of the agarwood tree.

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林产品加哈鲁树的7大好处,价格达到数亿 phone wa wechat +6287832732999


















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فوائد لشجرة العود من المنتجات الحرجية ، تصل أسعارها إلى مئات الملايين. عود جملة واتس اب phone+whatsapp +6287832732999

فوائد لشجرة العود من المنتجات الحرجية ، تصل أسعارها إلى مئات الملايين. عود جملة واتس اب +6287832732999

نادرًا ما يعرف الكثير من الناس فوائد شجرة العود. شجرة العود هي واحدة من موارد الغابات الطبيعية التي تصل قيمتها إلى الملايين. يرجى ملاحظة أن خشب العود هذا مدرج في مجموعة الزيوت العطرية.

رائحته المميزة تجعل خشب العود يستخدم كمواد خام لصنع مستحضرات التجميل والبخور والمواد الحافظة لمختلف الملحقات لصناعة العطور. أدت التكنولوجيا المتطورة بشكل متزايد إلى جعل العديد من البلدان مثل كوريا وسنغافورة والصين واليابان والولايات المتحدة تطور هذا الخشب كدواء لاضطرابات الكلى والربو وآلام المعدة ومسكنات الإجهاد والمضادات الحيوية لمرض السل والتهاب الكبد.

يخزن خشب الصبار هذا أيضًا الكثير من الفوائد لصحة جسم الإنسان. الآن لأولئك منكم الذين يريدون معرفة فوائد شجرة العود ، سنقدم لك المعلومات. فيما يلي فوائد شجرة العود التي تم تلخيصها من مصادر مختلفة.

لها قيمة اقتصادية عالية
الفائدة الأولى لشجرة الجهارو هي أنه يمكن رؤيتها من وجهة نظر اقتصادية. تتمتع شجرة العود بسمات سميكة ورائحة ، وهي تستخدم على نطاق واسع في مختلف المجالات. ليس فقط كمعطر للجو ، فإن شجرة الصبار هذه مفيدة أيضًا كمواد خام لصناعة مستحضرات التجميل.

وقد تم تنفيذ ذلك في دول مختلفة تتراوح من الصين واليابان وأمريكا. ليس ذلك فحسب ، فإن قوامها القوي وشكلها الفريد من نوعه يجعل أشجار العود تستخدم غالبًا كمجموعة متنوعة من الحرف اليدوية. لذلك لا تتفاجأ إذا كان لهذا الخشب النادر قيمة اقتصادية رائعة. في الواقع ، عليك أن تعرف أن أشجار العود ذات النوعية الجيدة يمكن أن تصل قيمتها إلى عشرات الملايين للكيلو.

لها فوائد في عالم الطب
أدى تطور التكنولوجيا في العصر الحالي إلى بدء العديد من البلدان مثل الصين وكوريا وسنغافورة والولايات المتحدة في تطوير أخشاب الجهاروس. يستخدمون خشب الجهاروس لعلاج مشاكل الكلى والربو وآلام المعدة وتخفيف التوتر.

ليس ذلك فحسب ، فإن خشب الجهاروس هذا له أيضًا فوائد هائلة إذا تم معالجته بشكل صحيح ومناسب. حتى بعض البلدان التي سبق ذكرها تصنع خشب الجهاروس كمضاد حيوي لمرض السل المزمن.

يمكن استخدام جميع الأجزاء
وتجدر الإشارة إلى أنه لا يمكن استخدام الراتنج والنسغ من شجرة العود فحسب ، بل يمكن أن تكون هذه الشجرة مفيدة ككل. بدءًا من السيقان ، فإن الراتنجات إلى الأوراق لها خصائصها وفوائدها.

يمكن معالجة جذع Gaharu نفسه إلى زيت أساسي. بينما يمكن معالجة الأوراق في شاي عشبي وهو مفيد جدًا لصحة جسمك.

تحسين الجهاز الهضمي
فائدة أخرى يمكن تعلمها من شجرة الجهارو هي أنها يمكن أن تحسن الجهاز الهضمي. يُعتقد أن أنواعًا مختلفة من اضطرابات الجهاز الهضمي ستهدأ وتشفى عند علاجها بالعود.

يتميز خشب Gaharu بقدرته على التغلب على مشاكل المعدة ، بدءًا من نزلات البرد والإمساك والانتفاخ وحتى الإسهال. يمكنك استخدام شجرة العود التي تمت معالجتها وتحويلها إلى زيت أساسي للحصول على هذه الفائدة.

منع مرض الورم
الفائدة التالية لشجرة العود هي قدرتها على علاج الأمراض الشديدة أو حتى المزمنة. نعم ، يُعتقد أن معالجتها من خشب العود قادرة على منع الأورام التي تصنف على أنها أمراض خطيرة.

هذا لأن خشب الجهارو يحتوي على مركبات الفلافونويد المفيدة جدًا في حماية جودة وصحة خلايا الجسم.

انخفاض ضغط الدم
لا يمكن استخدامه فقط كزيت أساسي ، ولكن يُعتقد أنه يمكن استخدام الصبار لعلاج المشاكل الصحية. واحد منهم هو خفض ضغط الدم. سيعمل عن طريق إزالة الانسدادات التي تحدث في الأوعية الدموية.

للحصول على هذه الفوائد ، ما عليك سوى تحضير رقائق خشب الصبار. ثم يمكنك شرب الماء المنقوع بانتظام للحصول على أفضل النتائج.

إذن ، هذه بعض الفوائد التي يمكن تعلمها من شجرة العود. لذلك ليس فقط له قيمة اقتصادية وقيمة بيع عالية ، ولكن هذا العود له فوائد مختلفة لصحة جسم الإنسان. نأمل أن تزيد هذه المعلومات من معرفتك بفوائد شجرة العود.