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Diving Preparation

Diving Preparation

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The diving activities need a plan to ensure that its submarine can dive activities run smoothly, safely and securely. For that we need the following equipment:

  1. Measure rope / Deapth Estimates : Prior to the dive must know the depth of the area. It required gauge / depth probe made of tin / other ballast along the rope to its size. Checks carried out several times around the area by moving the place.
  2. Into the rope guide : Having known the depth of the area, create a guide rope into the place down and rising divers. Guide rope with buoys, tide also dive buoy with a flag near the dive area.
  3. Depth gauge : Surveying the situation in the water with surf in the area and check again the depth of the depth gauge. Take note of what needs to be noted as a material to hold a briefing before the dive.
  4. Anchor rope : Anchor rope used as a descending and rising divers. At a depth of 10 feet lace-anchor / guide should be provided complete scuba tube, the goal when the need to hold a deco stop dives can be stopped at the site, as well as the tube can reserve for scuba divers who stay a little air tube.
  5. Slate : Slate is needed in diving activity is to record everything that requires the recording and also can record the dive tables where the depth is already known that if necessary deco stop or not. Slate is also needed for research dives.

A diving activities will run smoothly and successfully if there are no significant barriers, it is necessary for anticipation of something that may hamper diving. Note tides, currents, waves / waves and watch out flora and fauna in the area dives.

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