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How to Make Agarwood into Oil

Gaharu wood is one of the most famous perfume producers. The oil produced is usually called essential oil.
The various types of oil produced include:
Essential oils are also known as etheric oils, essential oils, volatile oils, and aromatic oils, among the above oils there are vegetable oils. These oils are produced from the refining process.

Here are some steps to produce agarwood oil:

Water Distillation Method

One of the distillation processes carried out in this way, namely by entering the raw materials here, it is necessary to pay attention to the raw materials used, which can be dry or withered materials. Put the ingredients in the distillery and fill them with water for the boiling process. During the boiling process, steam will be generated which is channeled through pipes connected to the condenser. The steam produced is still mixed with water and oil which will later condense until it melts. To be able to separate water from oil, it will enter a tool called a separator.

Water and Steam Distillation Methods

The Water and Steam Distillation Method is commonly called the Water and Steam Distillation Method, or it can also be called the steaming method. It is the same as the steam system in general where the raw materials used are not in direct contact with water, which will be limited by the base.
This method is often used because it does not require a lot of water and can shorten the production process.
However, this method must be equipped with a cohobation where the condensate water that comes out of the separator will automatically re-enter to minimize water. This method is considered to be more profitable for the production party to be free from the hydrolysis process of essential oil components. With this method the steam is more stable and is a very good way.

Direct Steam Distillation Method

Direct Steam Distillation Method or Direct Steam Distillation Method is a distillation method in which the raw materials used are not directly attached to water or fire. It’s just that steam is used with high pressure which can be used to refine oil.
To make steam which has a very high pressure in the boiler, that is, the steam flows through the pipe and will enter the cathel filled with raw materials. And later the steam that comes out will be connected to the condenser, so that the oil can be separated from the water by using a separator which is adjusted to the density of the mass of the oil. This method requires a long time, which is about 72 hours for distillation. The first oil produced usually still contains traces of agarwood, therefore the oil needs to be dried in the sun for 10 to 15 minutes in a tightly closed bottle.