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Indonesian Agarwood Prices

The following is an estimate of the price of agarwood in 2021. From several sources, the price of agarwood is slightly unstable due to the ongoing export and import conditions.

Friends must be familiar with this one wood with its trademark which has a very fragrant aroma.

Here are some types of agarwood that are available:

  1. Aquilaria cumingiana, from Indonesia dan Malaysia
  2. Aquilaria baneonsis, from Vietnam
  3. Aquilaria malaccensis, from Malaysia, Thailand, dan India
  4. Aquilaria microcarpa, from Indonesia, Malaysia
  5. Aquilaria rostrata, from Malaysia
  6. Aquilaria sinensis, from Tiongkok
  7. Aquilaria crassna from Malaysia, Thailand, dan Kamboja
  8. Aquilaria apiculina, from Filipina
  9. Aquilaria filaria, from Tiongkok
  10. Aquilaria grandiflora, from Tiongkok
  11. Aquilaria hilata, from Indonesia dan Malaysia
  12. Aquilaria khasiana, from India
  13. Aquilaria beccarain, from Indonesia
  14. Aquilaria subintegra, from Thailand
  15. Aquilaria brachyantha, from Malaysia
  16. Aquilaria baillonii, from Thailand dan Kamboja

This wood is not only used as an ingredient for fragrances but also has a myriad of benefits such as for medical, beauty and even use as a craft material. In the medical world, agarwood is used as a stress reliever and several diseases such as cancer and tumors can be cured with this plant.

Let us discuss the price of agarwood

The various benefits of this wood makes it unique and makes the price so fantastic, ranging from millions to billions. For the price of wood that has a quality that can be considered ordinary, it can range between 20-30 million, while wood that has high quality, the price offered can reach up to billions.

The buyers of agarwood are willing to buy it at prices ranging from IDR 20-30 million per kilogram. Meanwhile, if this type of wood is super quality, it is not uncommon for someone to buy it at a price of Rp. 40 – 60 million per kilogram.


Kualitas (Grade)Harga (USD)Satuan
Double King$ 54,688Kg
Super King$ 42,969Kg
A. Super$ 27,344Kg
AB. Super$ 5,469Kg
Sabak Ulir$ 2,735Kg
Arab Super$ 1,954Kg
Sabak Batu$ 938Kg
Sabak Malaysia$ 938Kg
Sabak Air$ 626Kg
CIP Arab$ 547Kg
Medang B Padat$ 313Kg
Tri Arab$ 235Kg
Medang B$ 157Kg
Medang C$ 47Kg

In addition, if friends are interested in cultivating it, the price of seeds can range from 50,000 to 70,000 per seed.

If friends are interested, there are several things that must be considered in the process of cultivating this plant, including:

1. Choose good seeds

If you want to produce quality agarwood, this is where you need to pay attention too. Selection of the right seeds can produce quality gaharu. In choosing seeds, make sure that the selected seeds are not attacked by pests. And the ideal bibt has a diameter of 1cm and a minimum height of 20-30 cm

2. Prepare the land

Prepare good land for planting seeds and give each plant a distance of about 3 x 3 meters. This is an ideal distance for planting and provides space between one tree and another.

3. Planting

How to plant is to prepare a hole measuring 30 x 30 x 30 cm. For planting agarwood seeds, it is good to do it during the rainy season.

4. Care

Furthermore, namely maintenance, after planting the agarwood tree, it is given shade, which can be in the form of a haystack or it can be with leaves that are quite wide in size. This is intended so that the agarwood tree is not exposed to excessive sunlight because because this plant is not suitable if it is exposed to excessive sunlight, especially for young plants, excess sunlight can cause water to evaporate quickly.

For the use of pesticides, use organic pesticides because they are safer and do not pollute the environment.