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Gaharu wood is a type of wood that comes from several types of tree plants of the genus Aquilaria, especially the A. malaccensis type. This type of wood generally has a slightly blackish color, which is a distinctive dark black and also contains resin content in the sapwood.
The resin content in the sapwood is also used as a complement to fragrances because it has a very distinctive and fragrant aroma. This aroma is also believed to be able to be used as a potent anti-stress aromatherapy.
This wood was used about hundreds of years ago, this type of wood became a trade priority from various kingdoms in the archipelago to various parts of the world such as India, Persia, Arab countries, to countries in East Africa.
The limited amount of agarwood in nature, as well as the high demand and interest in this type of wood, makes it so expensive and is one of the most expensive types of wood in the world.

Types of agarwood with its characteristics

Apart from ironwood, agarwood is also very famous. Apart from its distinctive aroma, agarwood has very distinctive features and characteristics as well. In wild forests, trees made of agarwood can generally grow to a height of 35 to 40 meters with an average trunk diameter of 60 cm.
Gaharu trees have tapered leaves, aka tapered at the ends of the leaves and have fruit that is round and oval with a length of about 3 cm to 5 cm. The fruit of this agarwood tree has a reddish color and a slightly hairy skin surface.
On the part of the agarwood tree which has very good quality, the sapwood part of the tree has a evenly dark black color and also has a distinctive aroma that is very thick when it is cut or sliced. Compared to low quality agarwood, the sapwood is slightly brown in color and the resulting aroma is not as strong as agarwood which has high quality.

Benefits and Use of Agarwood

Besides having substances that can be used as the main ingredient for fragrances as mentioned earlier, aloes are also widely used or used for various other types of needs. Almost the same as sandalwood. Here are some forms of use of agarwood seen from various fields in general.

Fashion Accessories

Gaharu wood is not only used for making fragrances but can also be used as accessories. This type of wood is also often used as a material for making bracelets, necklaces, and pendants. This wood is also often used as a material for making prayer beads.

As a Medicine Material

Gaharu wood is also familiarly used as a medicinal plant in making certain medicines for certain diseases including constipation, bloating, kidney, diarrhea, colds, shortness of breath, and symptoms of hypertension.

As an Ingredient for Cosmetics and Shampoo

Unexpectedly, besides being used as a perfume-making ingredient, the content in agarwood is often used as a complementary choice for cosmetic products as well as body care, such as shampoo.

As a home furniture material

Other uses of agarwood are in the fields of architecture and interiors such as the use of Meranti wood. The black color of the wood makes many people interested in using it to complement building materials, such as door frames. Not only that, agarwood is also very often used in the manufacture of interior furniture and furniture, such as chairs and tables, or just as a room-perfect decoration