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Learning Diving

Learning Diving
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Learn diving and general prertanyaan most frequently asked is how the mechanism of how to learn diving for beginners? Just like you do other activities, learn to master the technique of diving requires little effort and time. If you have not mastered a skill does not mean that meets these demands could not dive but you need more time for nguasainya.
Do not be discouraged when you want to dive there first training by the instructors, there is a lot you need to know first diving lesson learned is to avoid fatal consequences later while on the seabed, oh yaa instructors also give direction by means of a code or signal. There’s no way was talk in the well water kayak mermaid ..wkwkwk
Tips For Doing Learning Set Air Diving

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You must be diligent practice to increase stamina and that you understand how to save a backup of the air in your lungs.
Try to breathe slowly and deeply. Never try to hold your breath for air savings because it will not help.
Minimize your movements, because the more you move more air you need. Concentrate on your every movement and use fins to move forward.
Examine all of your air tools so that you do not experience serious problems in the water.
Try when you’re in the water march horizontally, it is to improve your endurance when in the water and save up the air.
Never try to move quickly because you’ll need the excess air. So, move slowly while enjoying the beauty of the underwater world.
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Before you enter the water check all your diving equipment learning, such as masks, oxygen tanks, pipes, regulators, and others. You can check all equipment to try scuba diving in the pool.
You should always dive in pairs or groups. This will keep you safe when you are having problems in the water. Remember, never dive alone!
Be prepared in a variety of adverse conditions to avoid panic when faced with a problem.
Never dive after drinking alcohol because the body will become dehydrated and loss of consciousness.
Practice buoyancy control, as it will save you when you experience things that are unpredictable.

If you have health problems, such as serious illness or complications, first consult your doctor before you go scuba diving.
Observe the movement or techniques experienced divers, in order to enrich your knowledge of scuba diving.

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