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Moringa Farm Indonesia Moringa Exporter Manufacture

Moringa Farm Indonesia Moringa Exporter Manufacture

Moringa Oleifera Do You Want To Make Your Own Moringa Product?

Good news! We can produce moringa finished products using your own brand or white label products.

Leave all the production process to us, you just receive the final finished packaged goods under your brand. Very suitable for B2C companies, supermarkets, hotel & cafes, restaurant chain owners, trading companies, etc.

We are a leading Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Organic Moringa leaf powder, Moringa seeds and Moringa oil.

We are an integrated Moringa company that deals with managing Moringa farms to manufacturing value added Moringa range of products.

We export Organic Moringa leaf powder to more than 20 countries worldwide. Most of the leading nutraceutical brands have been using Our Moringa leaf powder in their formulations.

Our Moringa farms and factory are situated on West Nusa Tenggara Province In Indonesia, miles away from traffic congestions and polluting industries.

We work with hundreds of small farmers and have formed a Fair trade society to cultivate the world best quality Moringa in the tropical climate.

We have a complete transparent supply chain. All of our products can be traced back to the farm where it originated. We offer the best quality Organic Moringa products directly from the source.

Phone / Whatsapp : +62-877-5801-6000 Moringa oleifera

Moringa Manufacturer and Exporter. We are specialist company handling in Moringa Oleifera. Our headquarter is in Lombok Island, Indonesia, while our moringa oil processing facility is in West Tenggara Province of Indonesia. We plan on doing reforestation of Moringa trees on many empty land plots available in the region in order to have more sustainable sourcing.

For Moringa Leaf processed raw materials, we collect from local partners. We doing our own planting and leaf processing unit as well because we want to generate more income to our local people and we need to expand our output quantity to meet global demands.

For finished products, we collaborate with various reputable local and foreign manufacturers that are expert in their specific product sector respectively to manufacture high quality and safe food and cosmetic finished products.

For Moringa Oil, the moringa seeds we procure for processing into moringa oil are wildly collected from mother nature without cutting down or damaging the tree. Cloning a product creates a new item that is identical but separate from the original item.

Cloning can save you time and labor when creating similar products, because product information is copied over to the cloned product, and only some changes need to be made.

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