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PT. MARLION LLC TOUR TRAVEL : 10 Must See Things on Your First Lombok Tour

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Klik foto ini untuk lihat romatis dan cantiknya Lombok dan Gili Trawangan

Ultimate Travel Guide to Lombok Islands: 10 Must See Things on Your First Lombok Tour

Lombok is a Heavenly Island, Situated in Indian Ocean, The small Island sits slight east of Bali. Lombok is part of Island Chain “Lesser Sunda Islands.” Despite of being a natural paradise, tourism of Lombok is undermined due to its neighboring isles, Mainly Bali and Sumbawa.

Lombok Island

lombok tour
Lombok Map

Lombok Island is part of West Nusa Tengggara province of Indonesia. It has been divided in 5 regions. Mainly West Lombok, North Lombok, Central & East Lombok, south Lombok and Gili Islands. Among them North Lombok is the most beautiful place, It has been gifted with Mighty Mount Rinjani, hundreds of Large and small Waterfalls, Glorious Wildlife & Amazing scenic beauty. Here are 10 Must See places while visiting Lombok Islands.

The Gili Islands

gili trawangan tour
Gili Trawangan

The gili islands consist of 3 very small masses of lands, Namely Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. They are very tiny compared to Lombok Islands & Bali. And they are not far away from the mainland, it just takes 20 minutes to reach Gili islands via boat.

These islands are most popular for scuba diving, relaxing, sunbathing and partying. Many tourists often visit Gili islands due to its crystal clear oceans & amazing sea life. The hotels on Gili Island are also very exotic and luxurious. Gili Islands are famous for its night parties, you can listen House music everywhere on the island!

If you like beaches, Natural scenery and Partying, than Gili Islands are Must!

Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani situated in North Lombok, Mount Rinjani is the second highest volcanic mountain of Indonesia. Lots of tourists visit Crater Lake of Mount Rinjani. Though Hotels are very difficult to find and often times they do not meet the standards, you can always hire a local tour organizer to book a multi-day package for you.

If you really want to explore the beauty of Mother Nature, we would recommend that you at least spend a night on Mount Ranjini. You can find Tents and camping equipment very easily in local Markets. Do not forget to hire a guide or Local, so you do not miss any of the Tourist attractions.

Pusuk Monkey Forrest

This is probably one of the most fun experiences you can have in Lombok Islands. Feeding some wild and hungry monkeys! What else could be more fun than feeding our ancestors and showing our gratitude? You can hire scooters and drive by yourself to the Forrest. Pusuk houses more than 2 Thousand of these Monkeys. But be careful of your bags and Shiny things. Do not get too close, otherwise you might get robbed by them!
Surely you will have fun time clicking pictures to show your friends.

Mawun Beach

Mawun Beach is one of the best beaches in Lombok Islands. During your Lombok Tour you have to visit Mawun Beach Once. I am sure that you will not leave the place for 2/3 days once you get there. The scenic beauty is simply amazing, I bet you have never seen a beach like this. Isolated form Pollution, white sand and Turquoise water will rob your attention.

You can stay in a hotel nearby and reach Mawun by foot or by Scooter. This is perfect destination for relaxation and a dive into the water. The water is shallow and clean.

Pink Beach

pink beach


Lombok Islands is famous for its Pink beach. The beach itself has pink sand, which is due to coral accumulation. This place is quite difficult to reach, as it is not a popular tourist spot and is somewhat remote. But it is worth visiting this place during your Lombok tour.

Unlike other popular beaches, this beach is very quiet, as very few tourists come here. You can enjoy the feeling of Private beach without paying Royalties for it! On the bay you can hold a small party or a candle light Dinner in the night. Experience of sleeping under the open sky at Pink Beach Tour, is beyond explanations.


sendang gile waterfall lombok
Sendang gile waterfall lombok

There are more than a few water falls in Lombok Islands. Mainly in northern area. You can find the cleanest and freshest water in these waterfalls. Some of the major water falls are Tiu Kelep or Sendang Gile and Benang Kelambu.
Don’t hesitate to take your clothes off and dive into the water. Swim, Take a bath, Jump from a rock and enjoy the icy cold water!

Sasak Culture

paket wisata lombok
rangrang weaving – sukarare lombok

Sasak are the natives of these islands. Today they make around 80% of total population. Residents also speak Sasak Language. But official language is Bahasa. Ancient culture of Sasak will definitely blow your mind. Spicy food, homemade artifacts and Handicraft items. Traditional weddings are also a must watch. Music and Dance will touch your soul. You must experience the sasak culture, you will bring back great memories with you.

Traditional Markets

In most places of Lombok, people shop from Markets rather than super Markets. As they are cheaper and better in quality. Fruits and vegetables come directly from farms and gardens. Usually they are setup in very small places, has small walking space but offer a great variety of products.

But be aware, your English will not help you here, as very few foreigners come to these markets. But you will love the chaos and Clutter!


Senggigi is the most popular tourist destination of Lombok. Most of the visitors stay here and then plan their tour of rest of Lombok. Senggigi is famous for its nightlife and luxury. Party culture is not new to Senggigi as many of the foreigners arrive in local clubs every night.

sunset on senggigi beach
sunset on senggigi beach

Senggigi Beach is the very famous beach for surfers and water related sports. You can enjoy personal Cruise ride on the Senggigi Beach. Be aware of the local vendors trying to sell you things. They are often overpriced and not worth the value.

What to do in Lombok?

diving gili trawangan
diving gili trawangan

There are many Activities you can enjoy during Lombok Tour.

  1. Traditional Massage: Local Sasak Women offer excellent traditional massage service in main tourism spots. Massage parlors are very popular near Beaches, they often cost very less and provide excellent therapeutic benefits. Most of them follow strict traditional rules.
  2. Snorkeling: Thanks to shallow and crystal clear waters, you can swim with turtles. Most popular sites are spread near gilli islands.
  3. Surfing: Kuta has many beaches which are particularly famous for Surfing among visitors. You are doomed to have great time surfing!
  4. Scuba Diving: There are many diving centers which provide wide range of services. You can satisfy all your Scuba Diving Desires for a fairly cheaper price!
  5. Fishing: You can charter a small boat and enjoy a day or two fishing with your family. There is plenty of support and Rescue boats available, so you don’t need to worry about a tragedy while out fishing.
  6. Biking: You can hire Mountain Bikes or Scooter and enjoy Exploration tours. There are many guided tours available. You will always find some company on the way.
  7. Trekking: This one of the most popular activities in Lombok, as 80% of the island is made of hilly regions and volcanic Mountains. These provide excellent terrain for climbing, hiking and trekking. Camping is also very popular among National Park. But having local company is advisable, especially during night.
  8. Water Sports: There are variety of water based sports available on most of the beaches. Such as Speed boating, Para gliding and many others. You can also find cruise rides across the Lambok Islands.

Travel tips in Lombok Island and The Gilis

paket wisata lombok
Snorkeling on Lombok & Gilis

While visiting Lombok, follow some of these tips to make your holiday as fun as possible.

  • Make a schedule in advance, so you don’t end up spending all your time in one place. Make sure you book all your hotels in advance. As they are harder to come by in tourist seasons. Print out all the maps and places you want to visit or save it in your Phone. Keep handful of local currency for the expenses when you land/ arrive. Make a list of all emergency numbers, such as local police stations, Hospitals and Embassy Contact, Purchase a local sim card. Make sure you have the required safety equipment before you decide to go out on an adventure.
  • Do not ask your hotel reception for transportation advice, or you will end up paying 2 or 3 times more the usual price. Make sure you respect local Culture and Religion. Having a list of Basic Conversations in Bahasa will come in handy, as not all can understand English. It is always advisable to hire a reputed travelling company rather than planning all on your own.
  • So over all Lombok Island is a great place to Explore and Experience. You might need some planning in advance, but Lombok is great place for relaxation and Spending Holidays. It is suited both for Honey moons and Family outings.

We wish you a great Journey!

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