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Agarwood or agarwood is one of the most expensive types of tree wood in the world because it is famous for its very strong aroma. Agarwood or agarwood contains an aromatic resin in the form of light brown to blackish brown lumps that form on the inner layer of certain woods.

Gaharu or Indonesian gaharu comes from several trees (G. macrophyllus, Enkleia malacensis, Wikstroemia androsaemifolia, W. tenuriamis, Gyrinops cumingiana, Dalbergia parvifolia Excoecaria agalloch), Aquilaria malaccensis, A. filarial, A. birallocphy, A. . macro Aetoxylon sympetalum, Gonystylus bancanus,

Of the various types of trees, the trees that have a very large production potential of agarwood include Aquilaria malaccensis which is considered to have the best quality and has a very high selling value compared to other tree species.

Areas for producing agarwood or agarwood in Indonesia

Indonesia has long been known as the largest producer of agarwood or agarwood in the world. However, weaknesses in cultivation have resulted in the government providing a quota for agarwood extraction. The Indonesian Gaharu or Agarwood Association (ASGARIN) states that the area that produces agarwood or agarwood is in accordance with the distribution of the Quota for Harvesting Natural Plants and Capture of Wild Animals issued by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia cq the Directorate General of Conservation of Natural Resources and Ecosystems (KSDAE). and others.:

1. Sumatra and Kalimantan are the areas where Aquilaria Malaccensis is harvested.

2. Papua, West Papua, parts of Marc, and Sulawesi are areas that occupy aquilaria filarial.

3. Then the islands of NTT, NTB, part of the Maluku Region and Sulawesi Region became the area for taking Gyrinops spp. However, after the decline in production of agarwood or agarwood in 2000, some from the region began to cultivate and cultivate this plant as people in the Merangin, Jambi and Batang districts, Central Java.

Some Benefits of Agarwood or Agarwood

Agarwood or agarwood is sold in the form of agarwood ash which is sawdust resulting from scraping or the rest of the destruction of agarwood, kemedangan is agarwood with a weak mastic and aroma content and has a brownish to gray physical appearance, and sapwood or whole at a very low price. can reach billions of rupiah for the size per kilogram with the best quality. Producing the best quality agarwood takes thousands of years. For a very long time, it was very difficult to find aloes and aloes, and not much effort was made by farmers to grow them.

Some of the benefits of gaharu or gaharu that greatly increase the selling value are:

1. As raw material for pharmaceutical products

2. As aromatherapy

3. As a raw material for making perfume

4. As a cosmetic raw material