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The Benefits of Gaharu Wood

When we discuss the gaharu plant, many Indonesians don’t know about this extraordinary plant, especially about the kinds of properties of agarwood.

This is actually not a strange matter, especially because agarwood is only known by certain groups.

Meanwhile, gaharu wood originating from Indonesia is often hunted by domestic and foreign enthusiasts.

They believe that the properties of agarwood have been proven by various groups as a fact.

From starting for business, medical, and mystical needs, the whole thing becomes one part of the benefits of agarwood that you can feel.

On this basis you can listen to some of the very main and very favored properties of agarwood.

7 Benefits of Gaharu Wood for Various Purposes

  1. Corrects Digestion

Various digestive problems are believed to be cured if they are overcome by using agarwood.

The benefits of gaharu wood for some people can overcome problems such as hemorrhoids, bloating, colds, and diarrhea.

For this purpose, you can use agarwood which has been processed into essential oil.

  1. Economically Beneficial

The early benefits of gaharu wood were that it could be a business field that would be economically profitable.

This is due to the very large price of agarwood, both logs and processed.

One log of agarwood with a diameter of 30-60 centimeters fetches close to Rp150. 000 per kilogram, on the other hand, processed wood in the form of chips is valued at Rp. 400. 000 per kilogram.

The price of gaharu wood, moreover, can reach hundreds of millions of rupiah per kilogram if the agarwood has the greatest and best quality.

  1. Lower Blood Pressure

Not only used in the form of essential oils, processed agarwood stems can also be used to overcome health problems.

One of them is to lower blood pressure by removing blockages in blood vessels.

The trick is, you simply brew aloes wood chips and after that drink the steeping water regularly.

  1. So Important Antioxidants

The next benefit of gaharu wood is that it can be a significant antioxidant that helps sterilize and nourish the body.

Consuming the steeping liquid of the agarwood tree has benefits that can detoxify the body so that the toxins are drained and removed.

The resulting diuritic effect makes the body face increased urination for detoxification purposes.

  1. Avoiding Tumor Diseases

For some people, the benefits of gaharu wood are not only able to cure minor ailments but also various serious diseases.

One of the serious diseases that are believed to be cured by using gaharu wood products is a tumor.

These properties are sticking out because gaharu wood has flavonoid contents that can protect the quality and health of body cells.

  1. Preventing Jinn Constraints

You can be sure or not, but many people believe that agarwood has properties to prevent jinn problems.

That said, using agarwood as an accessory or for consumption can prevent the problem of the genie from harming you.

This matter applies to the invasion of the genie caused by your mistake or the genie sent by another party who vows to be evil against you.